The charmingly illustrated Ghosts Are People Too is coming down to the wire to meet its funding goal on Kickstarter! Ghosts Are People Too is a lighthearted book for fans of Tim Burton, Neil Gaiman, and Edward Gorey which centers on Ethan Alby, a simple ordinary ghost. Don’t be afraid! Ethan has a family—just like you. He likes playing with toys and his dog, Mini Ricky. Sometimes, though, Ethan gets scared. Can you blame him? Look around. Living people *are* scary.

This project is the brainchild of Peter Ricq, an award-winning creative with a pedigree that spans several mediums from television and film to music and graphic novels. At the time of writing the project has just two days to clear its final funding hurdles, so if you can please take a moment to peruse the Kickstarter campaign and consider ordering a copy– a hardcover is only $20 and there are several other backer perks available. Further rewards include signed copies, art prints, original sketches, and previous graphic novels from Peter Ricq’s catalog.

Here are some further details on the book straight from the Kickstarter: What is the idea behind Ghosts Are People Too? Good question! Ghosts Are People Too is a helpful guide to getting along with ghosts. Ghosts are people just like you and me, and they can be afraid of us just as much as we are of them. We should take the time to learn from one another and become friends. (This should be applied with real living people and not only the supernatural). Ghosts Are People Too is a book for readers of all ages, by which we mean it’s a charming spooky book for young readers, adolescents and adults who love Tim Burton’s books and films, as well as the novels and picture books written by Neil Gaiman, and most especially fans of Edward Gorey’s The Gashlycrumb Tinies. Warning: this book is a lot more light-hearted than Gorey’s book!

The book contains:

 20 thrilling illustrations.

– 7 surefire ways to find a ghost.

– 3 true friendly ghost stories.

Check out a few pages from the book below and don’t hesitate to order a copy and get this book out into the world!


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