Last holiday season, we had an absolute blast at YULE, a wonderfully immersive party full of merriment from our friends at The Halogen Company. Of course, one of the downsides of COVID this year is missing out on the fun in person, but Halogen announced a new kind of holiday experience. While YULE is going virtual this year, you can forget about using Zoom. Instead, they are working with next generation storytelling software company Adventr to take you on a “televised” journey where you have a say in what path to take. It’s a choose your own holiday adventure!

Reminiscent of the television variety hours of old, Halogen has lined up some of the best performers from Los Angeles and Chicago to entertain. From song and dance, to artistic talents of the strangest kind, there is something for everyone in this holiday smorgasbord on December 5th.

Your host for the evening, James Michael Cowan, is sure to provide you with delightful moments of hilarity and nostalgia…and a few cocktail recipes to boot! This evening will leave you reflecting on the year past and what’s ahead, as we examine the present. It will also feature the talents of: The GingerSnaps, Koryn Wicks and Kompany, Nina Nightingale, Krystal Kurio, Alyssa Klein and Omar Amir, Samantha Jai, Effie Spence, & Roman and Katlyn Cullia-Martinez.

This is totally right up my alley. As someone who loved the holiday specials of yore (I watch Pee-wee every year still), this will definitely be something I tune into!

Tickets are $15 and available on their website:


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