Curiosity and anticipation coursed through me as I waited for a Skype call from PDXtreme Horror. The Skype call that would launch me into the unknown, at that time, that was ISLTN. And boy, was I not prepared for the wild ride that ISLTN took me on.
PDXtreme Horror is an up and coming, extreme immersive horror group that is based out of Portland, Oregon. ISLTN is their first venture into the world of virtual, immersive experiences and a rather successful one at that!

ISLTN was engaging from the start and I thoroughly enjoyed that aspect. It did not feel like I was just watching a show behind a screen, but rather I was an actual part of the whole production. The creativity behind this choose-your-adventure element was both satisfying and a lot of fun. Having the chance to interact with these characters proved extremely successful and took the experience to another level. Sam Berrett (as himself) sold the circumstances beautifully with his reactions and made the experience feel genuine while raising the stakes.

ISLTN’s use of a variety of different locations helped with progression. The use of different locations paired well with the storyline and ultimately helped to establish flow. While there were moments that dragged on a bit longer than necessary, overall there was a solid pacing to the show. ISLTN highlighted a few more intense moments, and the techniques involved with those moments were executed extremely well. From what I could tell, they were conducted professionally and safely, and I really appreciated that.

ISLTN was quite enjoyable and had some very strong moments. The PDXtreme Horror team did an impressive job for their first remote show, and I had a wonderful time experiencing ISLTN. I am definitely looking forward to seeing what the future brings for PDXtreme Horror.

For more information, check out PDXtreme Horror on Facebook and on Instagram.

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