The Mistress of the Dark returns with a new comic book– Elvira: The Omega Ma’am is a giant 48-page comic co-written by Elvira and longtime collaborator David Avallone, and it’s available to preorder through Kickstarter now! The comic is expected to ship in February of next year with 5 different covers, 4 stretch goals unlocked (at the time of writing), and a huge assortment of other goodies available through the campaign.

The comic pulls inspiration from The Omega Man, 28 Days Later, Mad Max, and countless other apocalyptic properties. From the publisher, Dynamite Entertainment: Originating with a cheeky “Quarantine Special” codename, this brand new 48-page story finds Elvira waking up from a short coma (due to a hairspray overdose…) to discover a deserted Los Angeles. Wandering around with her canine companion, it seems she may be the sole survivor. But The Last Sex Symbol on Earth… is not alone! She must contend with a cult of zombie-like survivors who’ve ingested cleaning products that alter their DNA, as she seeks to find out what happened and where to get a decent cup of coffee.

The premise certainly sounds timely and full of the camp you’d expect from Elvira, who took a more direct creative role for this release. Elvira herself shared, “It’s been a blast to craft this story which doubles as a hilarious new adventure for me and touches on so much of the craziness in the world today. Working with the folks at Dynamite, David Avallone, and the rest of the team is always fun… and the fans are going to love it!”

Fans will definitely want to consider some of the collectible add ons, which include cover variants, trading cards, a collectible coin, and most exciting of all, an Elvira themed ouija board! The project is already fully funded and well into its stretch goals, so backing is as close to zero-risk as is possible in a crowdfunding campaign. The current stretch goals give backers access to digital copies of the existing Elvira graphic novels from Dynamite, so if you’ve missed out on previous content now is the time to get on board. You can find more information and order your copy here, and check out a few spoiled pages below:

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