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The Suicide Of Rachel Foster is why we are here today, so let’s break it down; from the developers One O One games and published by Daedalic Entertainment, you can currently play this game on PS4, Xbox One and Steam with a price point of roughly $19.99, but luckily for you, if you’re playing on Steam you get it for $17.99!


In this thriller mystery horror game, you play as Nicole, who has come back to Montana to the family hotel after leaving 10 years prior – after the father had an affair with Nicole’s classmate, and you and your mother packed your things and left. Now that both your parents have passed away, you must assess what needs to be done to sell the hotel so you can give the money to parents of the dead classmate, all while weathering a huge storm that has you locked in the hotel until it passes.

Game play

In The Suicide Of Rachel Foster, you basically just walk around exploring and picking things up and investing them, completing things on your to-do list. Now take into consideration, this game takes place in 1993, so while you explore, your only line of communication is an old Motorola DyanTAC cell phone, and the person from “FEMA” – Irving is his name – the only person trying to help you as you start to explore the old hotel that has been abandoned for 4 years. You start to unlock repressed memories and traumatic experiences that you never thought that you would go through again!


Now when it comes to graphics, this game is beautiful. It is so incredibly life-like, whether it’s pictures or books you pick up off the ground, or the cell phone you’re using, you feel like it’s the real deal. The sound track is giving you this hauntingly beautiful melody that I could sit at the main screen and listen to it all day.


With these types of games, it kinda goes hand-in-hand to be able to pick up everything. In this game, however, you can’t, only certain things. Also w,here are my feet?! When I look down, I should be able to see my feet or legs or something. Sorry, had to get that out.


The Suicide of Rachel Foster is one of those games where you go in to think, “oh, well this is just going to be a sad story,” but on the other hand, it turns out to be so much more. But watch out, those jump scares might just get you. After all, it is spooky season!


7 out of 10 Spooky Skulls

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