In the horror collaboration of our dreams, Hunt A Killer is partnering with Lionsgate to release a Blair Witch tabletop experience for their latest season! This popular mystery game will now allow players to explore the world of Blair Witch and discover the hidden mysteries and truths behind the horrors.

This will be the first time that Hunt A Killer will be collaborating with an entertainment company to expand their storyline and immerse players into the world of Blair Witch.

“We are thrilled to partner with Hunt A Killer to continue expanding the world of Blair Witch into games,” said Daniel Engelhardt, SVP of Lionsgate Interactive Ventures & Games. “Their creative approach and mechanics are a natural fit for a franchise defined by unique storytelling, and represents a special way for us to build upon the narrative of the video game we launched last year.”

For those who don’t know, Hunt A Killer’s subscription-based lineup is played by a monthly delivery of a mystery box, including a wide variety of clues, such as audio links to search on your phone, evidence that may point a finger towards a suspect, or cryptic puzzles that need solving before the next month’s box arrives.

In this new season specifically, players will become detectives to solve a missing persons case near the haunted Black Hills Forest. Throughout the six boxed episodes, players will not only narrow down the truth of what really happened, but may also come into contact with the infamous Blair Witch, her followers, and may barely escape with their own lives.

This new season is highly anticipated by fans widely, as the two beloved companies come together to create a unique, terrifying experience for horror lovers everywhere.

Hunt A Killer Horror: Blair Witch released on October 1st, just in time to welcome the spooky season itself. For pricing and more information, please visit

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