It has been nearly 200 days in quarantine, with no sign of a vaccine or any safe step towards the life we used to know. While I miss in person experiences, I have been so incredibly lucky to go through some top notch, virtual experiences, such as THE BUNKER EXPERIENCE ONLINE GAME (TBEOG).

TBEOG is a completely online version of Chapter 1 of The Bunker Experience, a popular escape room in Pasadena, California (which you can read our original reviews of here). It is not easy converting an escape room into a virtual experience, but The Bunker Experience managed to create a fun, choose your adventure type of game.

Prior to this, I had never done an escape room before, let alone a virtual one. I decided to enlist the help of my boyfriend, who has way more experience in the escape room department. And thank goodness I did, because I quickly discovered that I am hilariously bad at escaping anywhere in a limited amount of time. This newfound knowledge would ultimately be my downfall in TBEOG, but more on that later.

My absolute favorite element of TBEOG was the insane amount of detail within the set. The set looked extremely realistic, which would do wonders for immersion if I were physically there. While I didn’t get to enjoy that in person, the atmosphere that those details created definitely helped to immerse myself in the experience from my own patio. The acting within the game was believable and helped to add an additional drive to the story behind why we were there.

The mechanics of the game were straightforward, which lead to us being guided through the experience. We could make some decisions but had guidance throughout the whole process. Despite this generous guidance, I managed to make a decision that got us stuck in a loop without the information we needed to progress. From there, we decided to try to guess the information to progress but ended up running out of time. I quite was proud of myself for making it that far, but my boyfriend had to finish it, so he bought the game and went through the motions again and escaped successfully.

Overall, I enjoyed TBEOG. While I don’t think escape rooms translate as nicely over to a virtual format, TBEOG managed to create a successful and enjoyable experience. The creativity was impressive, and I will definitely be checking out the in-person escape rooms in the future!

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