The monsters of the 12 year running Shockfest Film Festival have abducted and converted a former Disney employee Michael Bayouth to create the greatest Halloween game in the world…Halloween Never Ends and you can reserve your copy today on Indiegogo:

Halloween Never Ends promo Reveal from Shockfest’s Macabre Mansion Portal Event in Times Square, New York City

From the nightmares that brought you Hotel Paranormal in Las Vegas, Halloween Never Ends is a card game based on the innovative, interactive events Shockfest hasheld in various cities across the country from Hollywood, CA to New York, NY. Throughout 2020, Shockfest has challenged the film festival circuit, filled with events that have closed down, rescheduled or gone virtual in the face of the mass global pandemic known as COVID-19. Their response to the “new normal”? Double down on showcasing the filmmakers who have submitted to their event for the past year by increasing their 2020 event schedule with the introduction of “portal events”. These monthly showcases have proven to be some of the most entertaining Live/Online Hybrid Horror Shows taking place since mid summer in Times Square, New York City and Salem Massachusetts, blending Spookshow, escape room, musical and immersive theater and interactive gameplay. They have honored the work of the filmmakers who have taken the leap to submit their films and screenplays in a safe and legal yet quasi-insane manner as a reaction to the quarantine that has shut down everything from businesses to fellow live events.


Now, due to the launch of their Indiegogo campaign for their brand new card game, Shockfest is offering the opportunity to bring their insane and immersive experiences right into the comfort and security of your own home.

Choose your Paranormal Investigator…

* Explore the hallways, unravel rooms, and use secret passages.

* Communicate with paranormal creatures and set their souls free.

* Work together with other investigators… OR NOT.

* One of you will be possessed and will try and stop the others from leaving!


The indiegogo campaign for this game launched on Friday September 18th 2020 and will be live for the next 2 months, with an opening video narrated by legendary actor Malcolm McDowell to instruct you on the game play.  High end perks will include contributors being drawn (literally) into the game by artist Michael Bayouth.

Michael Bayouth is the illustrator for “Halloween Never Ends.” And for those die-hard horror fans out there, he’s actually the son of Jason, Ted White – as in Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th The Final Chapter, no kidding. It’s all here in his book on Amazon. And the corpse doesn’t fall far from the coffin either, as Michael has not only directed his own horror feature but earned his bread and butter as a storyboard artist working on such shows as Salem, The Orville, and most recently, Clive Barker’s Books of Blood Directed By Brannon Braga, airing on Hulu, October 2020.  He is also the artist responsible for such iconic VHS box covers as Disney’s Hercules, Return of Jafar, The Rescuers, The Aristocats, Don Bluth’s The Land Before Time, Stephen Spielberg’s Toonsylvania and just about every other family friendly animated movie to ever exist on the shelf of a Blockbuster Video.  Michael has teamed with the Shockfest Film Festival Director Guil Claveria and the other Monsters of the Shockfest Horror Factory to build an innovative Halloween Paranormal experience for the whole family.


This year, Shockfest Film Festival will take place in Los Angeles on November Friday the 13th Presented By Sinister Picks. Their Guest of Honor will be the legendary Rob Zombie, who will receive the Shocker Award, a prized honor bestowed to the greats of the horror genre every year from Clive Barker to Eli Roth.

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