An exciting new creature feature has made its way to Kickstarter! Slow Pokes is a new comic that showcases the humble sloth as a fast-moving bioengineered killing machine. Who wouldn’t want to see that?   We have writer Steve Urena to thank for the zany idea, who says “this Sloth horror-comedy is a labor of love and my homage to the ridiculous horror movies I used to see on the shelves of Blockbuster when I was a kid.” The art for Slow Pokes was done by Juan Romera (IDW, Monkeybrain, Comics Experience) and the book features lettering by Sean Rinehart (Grief, The V-Card, Dead End Kids).

The campaign supplies this brief synopsis: London James is a rebellious high-school teenager ready to move on to the next phase of his life. The only thing standing in his way is a request from his best friend Karate Carlos…oh, and a bioengineered sloth who is now freakishly fast and out for blood. From the twisted mind of Steve Urena, Slow Pokes is a vulgar fun-filled filled horror-comedy thrill ride that’s filled with sloths, slaughter, and slapstick.

It sounds like a great time, but I’m pretty sure anyone interested was already sold on the concept of killer sloths. As of the time of writing the project is already fully backed, less than 3 days from launch. It’s no surprise as to why, given the very affordable $6 price tag for a print edition and a couple of really cool backer rewards. Backers who pledge $25 dollars or more get an awesome T-shirt in addition to the book, while backers who pledge $35 or more also get a Jack Torrance inspired poster that is just, a sight to behold. There’s also a $150 tier which gives you the chance to be slaughtered by a sloth in the next Slow Pokes release. There’s a slew of other little bonuses to be found in the campaign, including behind the scenes features, a theme song, and other bonus content. Check out the shirt and poster, both featuring art by Vertebrae 33:

The comic is already completed sans cover but the initial print run is limited to 100 copies, so if you want the book as quick as possible you should head over to the Kickstarter and buy your copy asap. Digital copies will be sent to backers in October but the print edition of the book is expected to ship in December, so don’t sleep on this one!



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