As event cancelations continue, so does the devastation for Halloween hearts across the globe. The greatest time of year will look a lot different than in years past, but that spooky spirit lives on! Haunted attraction developers have had to get a little creative, and we are excited to announce that Orlando, Florida will be home to a completely contactless, socially distanced, Halloween experience!

The Haunted Road will be Orlando’s first immersive (and completely contactless) drive-thru Halloween attraction. A twisted theatrical take on fairy tales, The Haunted Road contains creepy creatures and unexpected scares waiting for those brave enough to make the journey. The creative team behind this one-of-a-kind event put their heads together and reimaged a traditional walk-through haunted maze attraction. The resulting product is something unlike anything experienced before.

The original storyline has familiar characters in roles as you have never seen them before. As guests creep through each nightmarish scene, they’ll be immersed into a horrifying rendition of an untold story of Rapunzel as she journeys into a world of disarray, faces bloodcurdling creatures – and of course some scares and surprises. Of course, if you consider yourself faint of heart, a family-friendly version of the event will be available during the daytime on select weekends. The daytime adaptation of the event features an adaptive and immersive storyline that the entire family can enjoy.

The entire event is COVID-19 conscious. Physical distancing measures were a primary focus and measures such as contact-free check-in via license plate and online ticketing were established. And of course, to keep the performers and the guests safe, the immersive drive-in scenes create an environment that allows guests to experience the terror while maintaining distance.

To help bring the event to life, The Haunted Road will be launching a Kickstarter campaign. A variety of awards will be made available for various levels of campaign support. Awards include admission tickets, access to a virtual version for out of town donors, and more. And CALLING ALL HAUNT MONSTERS! If you are in the Orlando area and your local haunt has turned into a ghost town (sorry I had to) then check out The Haunted Road! Virtual auditions to work the haunt will be held from August 13-16. The event will also cast local actors and performers as it prepares to open in the fall. Virtual auditions will take place from August 13 to 16.

Admission tickets will start at $15 a person and be made available once operation dates are announced. Dates and additional details will be made available soon. The latest Kickstarter campaign information can be found on Haunted Road’s website and social media pages. Looks like I’m going on a cross-country road trip this fall. Anyone want to come with?


About the Author: Lindsey Ungerman