‘Splatterpunk’ style author William Pattison is back with the fourth installment in his epic horror
anthology series Symphony of Death. What is ‘splatterpunk’ you ask? It’s a writing style that became popular in the 1980s and is famous for graphic descriptions of horror and violence. Shadowman vs. The Undead marks volume four of the series and (true to splatterpunk form) takes horror, blood ‘n’ guts, Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Hell itself to new heights!

Symphony of Death Part 4. Shadowman vs. the Undead

For readers new to the Symphony of Death saga, here is a little background on the flagship volume:

Symphony of Death Synopsis:
Thirty years ago Maestro Philip Grissini wrote a rock symphony titled The Symphony of Death.
It was symphony dedicated to the spirit of death. It was said that as he was composing the
symphony Philip’s entire family died one by one, including his year-old baby daughter. It was
also said that five minutes after he finished the symphony Philip himself fell to the floor of his
study dead. This was witnessed by his agent Claude Le Monte.
Since that night companies of musicians have tried to perform The Symphony of Death only to
meet horrible endings. Now Danny Darkk, King of Horror Rock, is performing The Symphony
of Death. As Danny performs he starts seeing terrifying images, horrific stories playing out in
front of his eyes. Is Danny going insane or is The Symphony of Death leading him on a road to
his own demise?


Pretty cool concept right? Now that you’re warmed up here’s the storyline for the brand new fourth volume:

Shadowman VS The Undead Synopsis:
Felicia Donavan was insane and living in a fantasy world until a real-life superhero called The
Shadowman saved her and brought her back to the harsh reality of the zombie apocalypse. Seeing her
potential, The Shadowman secretly tries to groom Felicia to be his replacement, but she finds out
and tells him that she is no hero and has no interest in sharing his delusion. But then a greater
evil than zombies swarm the city of San Mareno. Amid the invasion The Shadowman suddenly finds himself captured. Will Felicia find the hero within and face the messenger of Death himself? Or will the survivors of San Mareno be doomed to either death or slavery to a madman who can control an
army of the undead?


“Shadowman VS The Undead was one of the toughest stories to write of all the stories so far in
this anthology, but I am so proud of what I’ve achieved with this story.” said author William Pattison. Pattison pulls elements from all corners of the horror genre. Elements of zombies, harbingers of death, and supernatural powers are twisted into a story that questions the fine line between reality and fantasy. Readers may find that the line is a lot finer than we think… Grab the latest copy of the book now!


About the Author: Lindsey Ungerman

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