Gamers all around the world have been keeping up with the IGN Summer of Gaming showcase, and one of the latest announcements comes from Bloober Team – their award-winning cyberpunk game, Observer, has been augmented and updated for the next generation of consoles, and has been titled Observer: System Redux.

Synopsis: Observer: System Redux has been adapted to the new generation of consoles by updating visuals and adding new gameplay and story to the existing game. In the playthrough video previewed in the showcase, the developers show gameplay footage of the new content in a side-by-side comparison to the original 2017 release. Along with demonstrating the new gameplay and story footage, they show off a variety of improvements such as 4k visuals and 60fps.

When the developers say that they’ve made improvements on the game for this new installment, they weren’t lying. The graphics are crisp and detailed, and the animations are smooth. The side-by-side view shows the same scenes from each game, and the new improvements make the game look like an entirely new project. Players that enjoyed the original game will enjoy this game even more, with everything not only improved, but all the new story elements will bring them back into the plot. New players will also be able to use this opportunity to be introduced into the series on the next generation in all their glory.

Observer: System Redux will be available on both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X come this next holiday season, 2020. More details about the enhancements and release will be revealed in the coming weeks and months, developers say, so definitely keep an eye out for more information. Get ready for these new missions as an observer in the world of digital plague in 2084!

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