“Are you ready to go to Slayaway Camp?” Because it is ready for you! This 80’s horror movie, slide puzzle game is perfect to just sit and “slay away” the children that have set up camp, but don’t get caught by the cops or you will see the credits roll. For only $16.99 USD, and availability on all platforms, how could you go wrong?


Slayaway Camp, the 80’s slider puzzle game where you control Skull Face, a crazy daranged killer ready to kill camp counselors and camp goers or anybody that stands in his way. Hey, his mom even gets in the mix and gets some killing in for herself!


When you break it all down, Slayaway Camp is a puzzle game through and through. Finding your way around to kill your victim, there are so many ways your victim could perish, whether that be drowning, decapitation, bludgeoning, falling in a deep hole, or simply getting stabbed.


There are so many things I love about this game, like the 80’s horror film throwbacks, or the way the levels are played on a VHS tape. It’s perfect in a way that isn’t all serious – it has a comedic factor to it. It’s just a fun game all around to play!


The one thing that got me irritated – and that’s probably because I’m bad at puzzle games – is after I killed my victims, I always got stuck sliding around, not finding my way back to level completion spot. But again, that’s probably user error.


This game is fun to just sit and play. The puzzles aren’t too complex, and with the 80’s horror vibes it sets for it, it really makes me remember why I fell in love with horror in the first place!

RATING: 8 Skull Faces out of 10



About the Author: Gary Tichenor

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