Alright! I just want to start this with a round off for Children Of Morta, Dead Mage, the creators of the game, alongside the publishers, 11 Bit Studios, for their astonishing story telling and their brilliant way of feeding you more great story, even if you die. Children Of Morta is currently $21.99 USD on the PlayStation Store. You could also grab this game on all other platforms today, such as PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch!



 Children Of Morta is all about family – a family that fights together, stays together. Children Of Morta is centered around the family The Bergsons, who have the challenge of protecting the ancient mountain from the spread of The Corruption. The Bergsons must fight to save their beloved Mount Motra and restore its peace.



At the start of the game, you play as John, the father of the house, with his sword and shield. However, that’s not the only character you get to play, as the whole family has a hand in the saving of Mount Motra! Going through dungeon after dungeon, collecting coin and exp. to upgrade and add to your skill tree, to saving people from the corruption, even animals feel the blow of the evils in the world. “It runs in the family,” and for that, peace is the clear motive. 


Now as I said previously, the story of this game is captivating, the narration by Ed Kelly is just beautiful to listen to. The old 8-bit style that the creators went with works really well, as it shows off what they have to offer. Even though it’s in the 8-bit format, they love to let the viewer get sucked into the background scenery. 


I don’t know about you guys, but having a skill tree seems to go hand in hand with having an inventory, which Children Of Motra doesn’t have. This feature would be useful, because when you begin slashing down all your enemies, there are little health vials lying around that I would love to take with me to my next dungeon, but that adds to the challenge, right? 


All in all, this game is beautifully done and goes to prove that the 8-bit style will never truly die. Mix all that in with a story that brings the game to life and you have created magic. 


Rating 7 Celestial Shards out of 10


Available on: PS4, Switch, Windows, Xbox One
Developer: Dead Mage / Publisher: 11 bit studios
Release Date: PC, Xbox One, PS4 OUT NOW, Nintendo Switch.

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