Creators of psychological horror game Someday You’ll Return has heard their customer feedback, and has listened: In favor of improving the gameplay and overall player experience, CBE Software has cut hours of excessive content from this esteemed game.

Some puzzles and unnecessary content were removed, and while it was a hard decision weighing on the creators’ shoulders, it has undoubtedly improved the gameplay. However, while making this difficult and unusual decision, they have kept with the directed and narrative-driven gameplay, and chose to keep in some hidden areas for extra-explorative players to continue to find and investigate. Jan Kavan, the co-founder of CBE Software, had this to say in reference to this update to Someday You’ll Return:

“After reading feedback from our customers, it became clear to us that some parts of the game, mostly in the second half, were not enjoyed as we had expected them to be. We took a hard look at the game and asked ourselves how we could make it better. While it is very important for us to remain true to our vision for the game, we felt if there were ways we could make improvements without compromise, we should do this even if it means sacrificing months of hard work.”
– Jan Kavan, CBE Software co-founder

Another area they made an essential change to were the stealth runs. Some players voiced their opinions that they were tedious, so CBE Software added an in-game potion called “Devil’s Pact.” This draught allows players to become invisible to enemies upon consuming, allowing them to adventure through these stealth portions with ease. By making it a potion, however, it is entirely optional, so players who do enjoy stealth can continue with these portions like originally intended.

Though this decision could be seen as odd, it is definitely applauded as it has helped make this haunting game even better than it was before. Someday You’ll Return is currently available on PC for the price of $34.99 on Steam. It will be arriving on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at a later date in 2020.

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