The Xbox 20/20 showcase that took place on May 7th showed a handful of exciting games, but the unsettling trailer for new horror game Scorn definitely took the spotlight. Independent studio Ebb Software announced that Scorn is planned for release during the Xbox Series X launch period, as well as being exclusive to the console at launch.

Synopsis: Though not much of the game is known so far, we do have some information. Scorn is an intensely atmospheric horror game filled with powerful visuals in a macabre universe. The creators at Ebb Software describe it as being “designed around the idea of ‘being thrown into the world.’” When first playing, you are entirely alone in this distressing world, where the environment itself is a character, constantly trying to unnerve and agitate you every chance it gets. Throughout this eerie world, you will discover different puzzles, interesting characters, and unique stories as you explore this non-linear environment. Throughout your journey, the player will locate new areas, skills, weapons and items to assist you as the morbid world of Scorn becomes more alive.



The trailer doesn’t show us any gameplay of Scorn, but instead showcases the incredible graphics created, and immersive world to examine. The creator’s partnership with Microsoft demonstrates so much potential for a dream-like atmosphere such as this one to truly come alive on the Xbox Series X. The director of Scorn, Ljubomir Peklar, explained in an interview that due to the technical capabilities of the console, this game will be run at 4k 60fps, so the distinctive art style and technicality all comes together smoothly – and if this trailer doesn’t display that clearly, I don’t know what will. The gruesome environment already has images implanted in my brain, and I am beyond ready to explore this world and find all that Scorn has to offer.

This nightmarish game is planned to be released during the Xbox Series X launch period. Though no exact window has been given for these dates quite yet, we can expect it to be available roughly around when the console will launch. When that day does come, Scorn will be an absolute must-have for this new generation of Xbox consoles.

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