Four French friends go for an idyllic romp in the Croix D’Augas woods only to discover that a spill of the toxic chemical Glyphosate has caused mutation in a weird-looking tree and … zombies! At only six minutes, this short by a group that calls itself Films Guacamole goes by quicker than it takes me to write about it, but it’s fun, chipper and doesn’t waste any time getting to the point. This short feature definitely vibes like a low-budget labor of fun, something put together by a group of friends and family (the credits include three people from the Lannelongue family).

The dialogue, what there is of it, is French, and it has good-quality closed captions in English.

Funnily enough, my favorite part is in the credits: Virginie Lannelongue, who plays Sophie, is also credited as Chef Maquilleuse /  Litres de Sang: Chief makeup artist/ liters of blood.


Rating: 7 out of 10 Mutated Trees


Runtime:  6 minutes
Directed By:
Paul Lannelongue
Written By:
Mélanie Lannelongue



About the Author: Scix Maddix

Scix lived through the 80s but doesn't remember much of the 70s. Horror writer, improv actor and haunted house monster trainer and designer, Scix also likes to emcee underground burlesque and vaudeville shows in Salt Lake City.
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