Alright, let’s dive into the crazy world of PSVR – more specifically, Witching Tower VR. This super immersive hack-and-slash game with puzzles and combat, all brought to you by Daily Magic Production. Witching Tower VR is available in the PlayStation store right now for only $19.99 USD.


You play as Anna Holand, a young woman who has special and magical gifts but gets locked up by an evil Mad Queen. To escape, you have to solve and fight your way out of the tower. Each level of the tower, you must solve puzzles and fight various creatures to escape the Mad Queen’s witching tower.


In Witching Tower VR, you must fight and solve your way to freedom. As you embark on this quest to escape the clutches of the Mad Queen, you get some assistance from a dismembered floating head spirit, which helps you escape your cell by catapulting you into the adventurist, dark and twisted tower.


Alright, so let’s hype this game up a little bit here; all I’m going to say is, it’s absolutely enjoyable to play and the visuals are really beautiful to look at. It’s also really fun to just hit a skeleton perfectly on the head and watching his head fly off into the distance. The visuals are all around, a pleasure to watch.


Let’s talk about the not-so-good stuff about the game, like the movement. It works sometimes, but walking through a door and walking up and down steps, you seem to just get stuck on something but there is nothing there at all.


All-in-all, this game is enjoyable to wildly slash your way through skeletons and solve cool puzzles. It’s also pretty fun to sit and watch someone else play, and watch as they get winded like I did playing the game.


6 Flying Skulls out of 10

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By Published On: May 6, 2020Categories: Game Reviews, GamesComments Off on Witching Tower VR Visually Stunning