1. Interstellar Rift is a sci-fi simulation title collaborated by Dutch developer Split Polygon and publisher Iceberg Interactive. Interstellar is currently available through Steam’s Early Access Program.

This first-person spaceship simulator allows the player to not only pilot their space ship but to also be able to build it from scratch. As you face up against a dangerous alien race, you take command of your crew in an attempt to prevent this ominous threat from seizing control of the entire galaxy. In order to bring a stop to these enigmatic invaders, players must band together to not only to ensure their safety but the profits of their enterprises as well.

Interstellar Rift includes a powerful ship editor that allows the player to have an entirely customized spaceship. Other key features include challenging combat, trading, and mining for various resources across different solar systems while also making strategic alliances with numerous factions. Together with your crew, you set out to explore and survive the seamlessly endless universe filled with adventure and dangers.

Current early access includes a lot of content for players that are eager to jump into their own sci-fi enterprise. Various weapons such as rail guns, laser turrets, and torpedo launchers are at the ready for players to use to fight off the enemy encounters or each other. The ability to hack enemy ships or repel incoming hacks by upgrading firewalls has been introduced to Interstellar to aid with combat.

There are multiple factions that can be joined such as mining, combat, and pirate factions that have been added. Community-based objectives can be completed to increase the influence or to repel it. System events are offered to the player through these factions that populate the system with stations. Missions can be taken on solo or with a crew in which the rewards are shared. To gain a better reputation with a faction, players can pick up missions from the various stations and complete them for exclusive rewards and progress through the game.

The Procedural Galaxy and rift opening update unlock a massive galaxy with an abundance of generated solar systems that include unique resources. In order to gain access to the new solar systems, players will need to open up intergalactic rifts. An invading alien species faction called Skrill that threatens the enterprises of players and pirate drones have been added into Interstellar. Bigger and more powerful enemies will be encountered as players progress through the game in which each Skrill type has its own mechanics. Nuclear reactors and underlying resource chains were introduced to make it easier to power large ships and give players more options. The fuel for the reactors are dangerous when high temperatures are reached and consume various tiers of nuclear fuel.

Tiered solar systems were also introduced to help guide players through Interstellar Rift. After gaining enough reputation with one of the factions, players will unlock the ability to reach the tiers. Players will need to progress through the tiers to unlock most of them to gain access to resources and devices. Players can set up automated production lines on their ships and stations that allow them to scale up their mining and refining capabilities over time by using the added devices such as the ACTR and cargo teleporter. Ships can be equipped with a drone bay in which the drones can be given various tasks to perform such as repairing, delivering items or defending a target. Players are now able to 3D print items like repair guns, batteries and different cartridges used to automate or improve the behavior of the ship. The 3D printer can also print guns and ammo or even use alien biomatter to create health packs.

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