If you’re looking for a 2D game that gives you “Dark Soul” and “Castlevania” vibes, Death’s Gambit is the game for you. This game was created by the company White Rabbit, and published by Adult Swim Games, with a price point at only $19.99 on the PlayStation Network.


Death’s Gambit is an action RPG game that takes place in Leydia, in a region of an alien medieval planet. The main character dies and must make deals with death in order to really live. The deal that he makes is that if he roams the world and kills off immortals, then in turn he will ultimately become immortal.


When you first start the game, you are given a choice to choose between being a soldier, assassin, blood knight, wizard, noble, sentinel and an acolyte of death. Then, you get to pick an item; each item does various things to help you with your quest. I, myself, chose a wizard. The whole goal is to build your character up and get him stronger to fight tougher bosses and become immortal.


Death’s Gambit does what it does best, and gives us a great 2D scrolling game with raw fights, magical feats, and amazing music. The voice acting in Death’s Gambit is just phenomenal. This game gives you that “Dark Souls” and “Castlevania” vibes, without the open world. The fact that is an old-school 2D scroller and with horror artwork is just a plus.


There are some things that Death’s Gambit does that just makes the player frustrated. It becomes confusing at some points and doesn’t give you a clear indicator on what you are supposed to do. Then there is the shield that breaks with any slight damage, which makes you spam your action button until you run out of stamina. Then you get to see the glorious “DEATH TAKES YOU.”


All in all, Death’s Gambit is perfect for people who love RPG’s, like myself. Anytime I am able to play as a wizard, I’m here for it. Death’s Gambit gives you a whopping 14 hours of gameplay, which could be longer since it’s like those types of games that don’t hold back. Just be willing to be looking at the “DEATH TAKES YOU” scene. Just have fun with it!

Rating  7 Deaths out of 10

About the Author: Gary Tichenor

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