Brazilian festival requests support via crowdfunding, Launches  worldwide free “Fantaspoa at Home” initiative


Amid growing concerns over the COVID-19 epidemic, Brazilian Fantaspoa Film Festival announced that they are postponing the upcoming 16th edition. Originally scheduled for this coming May, the festival directors are hoping to present the festival later in the year between the months of October and December, 2020, if deemed responsible and safe at that time.

Now for the bad news. Due to executive decisions made by the Brazilian government prior to this unprecedented health crisis, Fantaspoa and countless other organizations dedicated to the arts were stripped of all federal sponsorship money. In addition to the financial and emotional strain of COVID-19, for the first time in ten years, Fantaspoa received zero funding to continue its unique goal of bringing the best in world genre cinema to the people of Brazil.

Glimmers of hope for Fantaspoa

There is a glimmer of hope here, and it starts with you. Fantaspoa has launched a crowdfunding campaign to sustain the future of the festival. What is even more encouraging is that with just thirty days to reach their goal, the festival is already  43% to their g0al. That means only 57% more to go!

In a shrewd move, Fantaspoa will also launch the Fantaspoa at Home initiative on April 1. It consists of an original digital platform that will make available – completely free of charge and accessible worldwide – select feature films from the festival’s previous fifteen editions. They are handing the fans free movies from the past 15 years.

Fantaspoa at Home will offer a unique showcase of films to be streamed via computers, smartphones, and other internet-enabled devices. The selection of titles was made jointly with international producers, directors, and distributors, reaffirming the global aspect of Fantaspoa’s curatorship. Understanding just how important it is to stay at home, these filmmakers and distributors have graciously donated their incredible works to make this free project possible.

Beginning April 1st, “Fantaspoa at Home” will offer seven feature films every week at Below is what is coming.

Starting April 1, the following films will be available for free worldwide via “Fantaspoa at Home” at

Diablo (d. Nicanor Loreti, Argentina, 2011)
FantastiCozzi (d. Felipe M. Guerra, Brazil, 2016)
Follow (d. Owen Egerton, USA, 2015)
Resolution (d. Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, USA, 2012)
The Rotten Link (d. Valentín Javier Diment, Argentina, 2011)
The Show Must Go On (d. Nevio Marasovic, Croatia, 2010)
Zombio 2 – Chimarrão Zombies (d. Petter Baiestorf, Brazil, 2013)

Starting April 8, the following films will be available for free worldwide via “Fantaspoa at Home” at

Maniac (d. William Lustig, USA, 1980)
The Otherworld (d. Richard Stanley, France, 2013)
Plaga Zombie (d. Hernán Sáez, Pablo Parés, Argentina, 1997)
Krokodyle (d. Stefano Bessoni, USA, 2010)
Moles (d. Emiliano Romero, Argentina, 2011)
Lunopolis (d. Matthew Avant, USA, 1998)
Zenith (d. Vladan Nikolic, USA, 2010)


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