Sony Pictures and Insight Editions have teamed up to produce Ghostbusters: Artbook, a brand new collection of original pieces inspired by the iconic film series. Featuring completely original and never-before-seen pieces from over 170 illustrators across practically every known visual medium, the book seeks not only to pay tribute to the films but to explore the cultural phenomenon which has surrounded Ghostbusters since the original 1984 release.

The fact that Ghostbusters: Artbook is comprised entirely of original art cannot be overstated–few film franchises have offered that level of inspiration to so many people, and the previews we’ve seen of the art are absolutely gorgeous. There are pieces ranging from minimalist graphic design to stylish pop art and even baroque painting which all pay tribute to the timeless series in unique and interesting ways. Take a look at a few pages below:

There’s so much to take in from these 6 pages alone! Angel Trancon’s piece uses Stay-puft as a kaiju-like figure and feels foreboding despite the levity of the marshmallow man– it feels a lot like a poster for a Godzilla movie. The Ecto-1 reimagined as a Heavy Metal-esque sci-fi throwback is outstanding, and there’s something mesmerizing about the Terror Dogs wherever they appear. There are so many dazzling psychedelic colors and styles on display that these illustrations are all a treat to look at. In addition to the above pieces, we’re excited to reveal two more pages of the book exclusively on HorrorBuzz! Take a look:

I’d call special attention to the illustrations from Daniel Campos and Simon Carpenter. The latter is a lot like Ghostbusters reimagined in the vein of Clive Barker– the lighting and the Temple of Gozer are decidedly Lovecraftian, and the artist has made one of the creepier scenes from the movie even more sinister. Campos’ illustration reminds me of 80’s fantasy novels, and the bulkier take on the Terror Dog reminds me of the cartoon Gargoyles. Speaking of cartoons, who else is hoping for a few pieces inspired by The Real Ghostbusters?

Ghostbusters: Artbook releases May 5th and will be a must-have for fans of the series and for horror art aficionados in general!

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