It’s remarkable to note how often in film lately we utilize the modern tech of dating apps, online dating, and social media. It’s a refreshing spin on what had become passe – the awkward, fumbling meeting of a first date is totally amplified by meeting someone you’ve only known online. DANNY’S GIRL takes this delicious awkwardness to new and crazy levels.

Danny (Danny Dikel) is meeting his online girlfriend (Remy Bennett) for the first time. Their frightfully awkward introductions take a frightening turn when Danny finds Remy’s unspeakable, horrifying package in the front seat. From that second on, Danny finds himself on a trippy, bizarre journey with an ending none of us could see coming.

Danny Dikel could not be more beautifully awkward in DANNY’S GIRL. His inexperience with women and social awkwardness absolutely drip off the screen, in a deliciously cringe worthy way. You can’t help feeling for the poor guy, especially as he accidentally finds himself in this insane situation with this crazy woman. Remy Bennett delights in her insanity and plays our emotions as masterfully as she plays Danny’s.

Writer and Director Emily Wilson tells a vibrantly unique story with DANNY’S GIRL. The twist hits fast and hard, and the insanity doesn’t slow down until the very last frame. Bright, colorful visuals and an intricate color story (kudos to Cinematographer, Hunter Zimmy and Production Designer, Sydney Flint) add to the almost circus-like psychedelic mood of the short. Everything from the visuals to the story throws you off guard and makes you feel like your eyes are darting all over the screen, which perfectly compliments the waking nightmare Danny seems to be living. We are experiencing this first date from the Twilight Zone with him, and I can only imagine how crazy date number two will be!

7/10 stars


RATING: UR No Trailer Available
Runtime: 13 Mins.
Directed By:
Emily Wilson
Written By:
Emily Wilson

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