I’d argue that pulling off a time travel film is a feat that most filmmakers haven’t successfully accomplished. It’s a difficult genre, full of science and speculation. Even the best time travel scripts suffer from sizeable loopholes and plot holes. Taking on a time travel script in ten minutes or less is, to me, not just insanely ambitious, but potentially filmmaking suicide. Not so for the creators of SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE.

SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE centers around an unnamed woman, played by Grace Marlow. Her dry sense of humor and sarcastic wit make her easy to root for when two federal agents show up at her door, claiming that her home has been ground zero for “temporal events”… also known as breaks in the space time continuum. Our main character is a freelance graphic designer, a bit of a slob, and a bit of a failure. What could she possibly have to do with things like this?

As it turns out, she may know more than anyone would think. In fact, she may just be the cause.

SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE has something I always hope for in a short film – it stands on its own, but it also has great feature potential. I could easily see this concept being adapted by someone like Christopher Nolan or Neill Blomkamp. In fact, I was reminded of the way Blomkamp’s District 9 came to be after being a low budget, passion project short film. SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE is a complete, perfect picture by itself, but I would certainly love to have spent a little more time in this fast paced world.

Stylistic directing choices and art direction blend seamlessly with a stellar performance by Marlow to create a psychedelic whirlwind in SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE. Narration provides the centerpiece to quick edits and jump cuts, and Marlow’s slight stoicism provides a beautiful, solid foundation for a world turned upside down. Ten minutes of time travel madness, done to near perfection.

9/10 stars


Runtime: 10 Mins.
Directed By:
The Summers Brothers
Written By:
The Summers Brothers

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