It is hard to think of anyone who doesn’t use the internet or phone at least 50 percent of the day. With this technology being so intricate to our world there is a constant search for better providers whether it be out home internet or phone services, we want the best. Long dead is the practice of the door to door salesman, even more so if he is offering us services from a company that isn’t publically well known. Imagine a World invites a salesman into your home to offer you the most amazing internet and phone package imaginable and he is not taking no for an answer, for your sake of course.

On a quiet afternoon in the suburbs, David is enjoying his day when he receives a knock at the front door. It happens to be a salesman asking questions about owning the house, his living situation, and subtitles gets himself invited in. After listening to David’s woes about his current internet and phone package the salesman offers David a package with only the best internet and phone services around. Before making the sale David’s sister Jennifer interrupts and begins to scold him while the salesman steps away to use the restroom. When the salesman returns he begins to confront Jennifer about her passing up of such an offer and, regardless of threats of the police being called, looks to have no intention of leaving.

While Imagine a World seems to have a message about service providers, it begins to become muddle near the end. Without giving away too much the end of the short can be seen as being pro service providers or against service providers based on your perspective. Regardless, the short is still strong in terms the acting, cinematography, and story, just having a more clear cut end would make the short all the better.

7 out of 10

Imagine a World
RATING: UR No Trailer Available
Runtime: 15Mins.
Directed By:
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About the Author: Max Matta

A huge horror fan with a fondness for 80s slashers. Can frequently be found at southern California horror screenings and events.
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