Crime thrillers are such a unique genre. Films of this genre usually include heave action elements (think Taken franchise). But this genre can also delve into elements of drama and horror, exploring the darkness and fear that lie within the human psyche and what destruction can be made thereof. We see all those elements and more in the newest trailer for European crime thriller The Hostset to release early this year.

The Host Film Poster


Synopsis: A disturbing tale of a London banker and an unassuming Dutch femme fatal, The Host follows Robert Atkinson and Vera Tribbe, two strangers with dark and disturbing secrets. When Robert flees London with a briefcase of stolen money, he seeks refuge in Amsterdam at Vera’s home. As they try to suppress their inner demons, a course of destruction emanates from their hidden secrets that can never be escaped.


Reading the Synopsis alone does not do the film justice. After watching the trailer I became much more interested in the film. The trailer gives nothing away and leaves you with more questions than when you started (which for this genre of film is a good thing). Ominous assumption are made about events that might take place and the people those events would affect, and while those assumptions are made you are trying to figure out how all of these dangerous characters are connected. The Host shows a lot of promise and if it is as intricate and complex as the trailer makes it seem, it could be well worth everyone’s time.

More information can be found out about the film, cast, and crew by visiting the film’s website and by following the film on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The film was filmed on location in Amsterdam and will premiere in early 2020 in both Amsterdam and London. No information has been released yet on a North America release date but we wait patiently!

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