Bloodied, bruised and left for dead a man will stop at nothing to exact gruesome revenge on those who wronged him in the black and white claymation gorefest that is Adam Ciolfi’s Filth. The new short offers a gritty modern spin on the Frankenstein legacy, while also inhabiting the dramatic world of the noir aesthetic. Ciolfi even admits that the short was inspired by 1940’s noir films, as well as heavily influenced by the timeless classic, The Bride of Frankenstein.

What sets this film apart from the influx of indies and shorts blocks, is its impressive use of stop-motion which, according to the director, took a little over a year to fully create and shoot. The final fight scene, in particular, is a three-month-long choreographed titan to contend with. It is Ciolfi’s love of sculpting and the grisly art of claymation that brings a bizarre humor to the horrific gore displayed on-screen – evoking a feel similar to that of a Tarantino bloodbath.

Early next year Ciolfi will begin shooting From Hell He Rides, which tackles classic themes within the spaghetti western, and 1960’s horror.

Runtime: 17 minutes
Directed By:
Adam Ciolfi
Written By: Adam Ciolfi

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Brendan Haley is a screenwriter, columnist, producer, and actor known primarily for his work within both horror and lgbtq media spaces. He has reported on entertainment news for multiple outlets including The Advocate, as well as hosting network pop culture reviews. As a producer and screenwriter, some of his notable works include Netflix's Eastsiders, and Dekkoo's A Halloween Trick. His favorite horror flicks include All About Evil, Suspiria, and Critters.
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