Dark Dark Ride Ride Holiday NIghtmare

A new holiday treat has appeared at Zombie Joe’s Underground theatre and we think you will LOVE IT. The hit show Dark Dark Ride Ride returns for a very limited, 3 week run, this time as HOLIDAY NIGHTMARE! Yes, Dark Dark Ride Ride – Holiday Nightmare is a whacky, disturbing, whiz-bang experience that puts a peppermint patina on the hit ZJU show.

This time around, you buy a ticket to one cart. $35 for the cart that seats up to two people. So, essentially, you buy a ticket and ride alone or with someone you love.

The experience begins as any ZJU show does, along the seedy thoroughfare of Lankershim in North Hollywood. After check-in, groups of 4 at a time are led into the darkness of the theatre and instructed to board one of two ride carts. That’s right, this time there are two carts going at once during the show. Once seated, the performer-powered carts zip around in seeming endless darkness only to happen upon nightmarish and bawdy Christmas vignettes.

Under blacklight, the performers writhe and squirm, offering Zombie Joe’s signature take on the true meaning of Christmas. This is NOT a family-friendly show. Do NOT bring gramma, who is visiting from the midwest for a ride on one of these Christmas Carts. This is literally balls-out crazy and then some.

While not as particularly whimsical as its predecessor, DARK DARK RIDE RIDE – HOLIDAY NIGHTMARE is still a fantastically surreal experience well worth the $35 ticket price for up to two riders per ticket. The entire cast, including the two brutes pushing the carts around and adding commentary, are without a single fault. Tyler Davidson, Yael Herman, Jorge Lozano, Natalie Luna, Robertha Mallmann, Jessica Sabine, Brandon Slezak, Weston Tucker and Laura Van Yck each give remarkable, over-the-top performances that evoke deranged amusements found at any roadside carnival. The makeup too, is brilliant, with tribal stripes of neon pink, green, white, and purple highlighting the savage actors.

Directed by Zombie Joe and Brandon Slezak DARK DARK RIDE RIDE – HOLIDAY NIGHTMARE is exactly what you would expect from a theatre so fearless that they give the most daring theatres in the world a run for their money. Not as whimsical as the original, but easily as entertaining, you should snap up your tickets to this unique show while you can.

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Norm(an) Gidney is a nearly lifelong horror fan. Beginning his love for the scare at the age of 5 by watching John Carpenter's Halloween, he set out on a quest to share his passion for all things spooky with the rest of the world.
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