Multiple people have mentioned to me that they are feeling down now that the Halloween Season has come to an end. I decided to look at other, more documented post-holiday depression studies and found amazing similarity between why we get down when the smoke machines stop and why many are sad once Krampus has climbed back up the chimney in December.

So, here are some of the reasons we might be feeling blacker than usual now that the scares have ended:

  • We had a lot to see and do all season. But suddenly, that has all disappeared. The haunts are closed, the parties are over, and the theme parks are already putting up their Christmas decorations.
  • We tend to spend time with our family and friends during the season. For many of us here at Horrorbuzz, we also get to see our “haunt” families. All those talented people who work so hard during the rest of the year to prepare the scares that we celebrated the season with are already either back in their planning phases or enjoying a little rest before they are chained back in the dungeons to prepare for next year.
  • We did so much, so fast at such late hours that we might be completely fatigued. Being tired can definitely add to our overall sadness.
  • One word: candy.  Maybe that sugar rush is wearing off or maybe you are wearing a few extra pumpkin spice pounds. Either can add to the overall bad feelings.
  • Maybe the scares didn’t materialize or the haunted houses disappointed you. Maybe the hundreds of trick-or-treaters you envisioned viewing your home haunt display didn’t end up on your block.

So what are some of the things you can you to combat some of the post haunt sadness, besides adopting a haunt slider and letting them scratch up your kitchen floors all year long?

  • Keep reading Horrorbuzz all year long so that we can tell you what’s coming in movies, theater, haunts, and horror conventions. That’s not just an advertisement for the site.  We feel the same way you do, and keep updating our content as much as we can because we miss it ourselves.
  • There is some year-round horror out there besides movies. The Cauldron, right across from Knott’s Berry Farm, is an amazing bar that is open year round and can help scratch that itch many of us have to visit some darkness between November and September.  Cocktails and Screams just opened here in Orlando for the same reason. You will be amazed how much some spooky food and drinks will help raise the spirits. Escape rooms are still popping up all over the place and many of them are horror themed. They offer a great excuse to call up some haunt “fiends” for at least a few hours of fright.
  • To quote the original Zombieland: “Cardio!” Yes, exercise does help and if you are planning to try one of those terror camp outs or 5k runs with the un-dead next year, it might not be a bad time to start getting in shape. If you did put on some extra candy weight (like me), definitely don’t beat yourself up.  It’s a good time to get back on track with less tempting theme park treats to sample.
  • Start planning for next year.  Hard to believe, but many of the haunts have already announced dates for 2020. Maybe it’s time to start sending out your ‘save the date’ cards for that party you have always wanted to throw.  Or start planning for those home decoration updates. Or, just like me, promising to reach out to those spooky friends I don’t get to see very often and keeping in touch.

In any case, here is a toast to a fantastic 2019 haunt season. We will be right there with you when the fog descends again next year and we can’t wait.

About the Author: Ken Toghia

Ken Toghia is a director, animator, technologist, and horror/haunt fan living in Orlando, Florida. He was raised in Southern California on Friday the 13th films, Elvira’s Movie Macabre, Oingo Boingo Halloween shows, Theme Parks, and Haunts. He started off his career as a Jungle Cruise Skipper and Riverboat Pilot at Disneyland, has a degree in Film and Television from Cal. State Long Beach, and loves to attend haunts and horror films with his amazing wife and sons (who also happen to love this stuff)
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