FEARHOUSE360 is a multi-part series available to you for the rental price of $5.99. Darlings, this rental gives you 6 months in the Fearhouse and access to each of the 3 episodes as they “leak” them out during the Haunting Season!

There will be lots of exclusive bonus treats, too! This immersive 360 Horror Experience is easy to view with Vimeo’s 360 platforms for computers and handheld devices- and DON’T FRET, Dear Ones- Vimeo will show you how to download the Vimeo app to your PHONE or Device so you can navigate your experience like an undead ferryman on the River Styx. If you are a 360 virgin, FEARHOUSE360 is the perfect experience to initiate you into this new world of viewing pleasure! I find it delicious, and I know you will, too.

FEARHOUSE360: a horror experience in 360 video from Channel B4 on Vimeo.


About the Author: Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen was born and raised in the south bay (SoCal). At age 5 he was taken to the theater to see Halloween 2. Since that time he hasn’t been able to bite into an apple because of the fear of chomping down into a razor blade. At age 12 he went to his first haunt (Knotts Scary Farm) and only has missed a handful of years since then. Ethan has an unhealthy obsession with Elvira, 80’s slashers, and universal monsters which is borderline creepy.
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