Psycho Clan’s 2019 experience, I Can’t See, plays with the senses and, in turn, offers something a little different than the average haunt in New York City. A stand-out among East Coast immersive shows, I Can’t See is done blindfolded. Left without sight, you have to place all of your trust in group of people named Psycho Clan. As risky as that may seem, I Can’t See is clever and, in the best possible way, tender.

While the big conceit of I Can’t See can be troubling to those who don’t like to hand their lives over to strangers, the show is rewarding and hardly as treacherous as one might expect. Entering the venue, you’re immediately put into a clinical environment. Everyone calls you “Sam” and they are mightily pleased about it—eerie at first, but calming enough. You soon find that you’re in an Optecs lab where you’ll have your mind downloaded with Sam’s consciousness in order to overcome Sam’s fears. Because you’re entirely dependent on the guidance of others around you to get you where you need to go, I found that I was tense for the first-half of the experience. I am here to assure you that you’ll always end up where you need to be when you need to be there.

The choreography and effects of I Can’t See are fabulous from start to finish. Playing on the fact that its participants literally can’t see, Psycho Clan pulls out all the stops to make sure your senses of touch, smell, taste, and sound are activated in countless creative ways. Despite being rather vulnerable, there was hardly a moment when I was completely petrified. Yes, I Can’t See gets spooky, but it’s not aggressive. If you’re someone like myself who has a hard time looping friends into haunts because you’re surrounded by those who can’t handle simulated gore, then I Can’t See is the perfect compromise. I Can’t See has a gripping narrative and all sorts of tricks up its sleeve, making it a solid Halloween choice for those who can easily access New York.

Although I’m keeping this review as spoiler-free as possible, it is more important in this experience than any other that you are clear with the actors about any potential food allergies. You will be encouraged to consume things that may not sit well with sensitive systems, so communication is key. I Can’t See also involves a significant amount of movement on uneven terrain without the help of sight. Should you find you or someone in your party concerned about getting around the experience, please be sure to reach out to Psycho Clan before booking your slots. Given that the show is fully immersive, I would also recommend wearing comfortable shoes and not your Sunday’s best so you can take in as much as possible without worrying about ruining your outfit. The minds behind I Can’t See, however, are smart enough to provide ponchos for those who show up unawares of the show’s demands. This list of cautionary details may seem long or redundant to seasoned haunters, but I Can’t See is a very easy entry point for haunt newbies who may not know the routine just yet!

Located in Lower Manhattan, just across the street from Freedom Tower, I Can’t See is easy to find. You can expect to be there roughly an hour and a half to two hours max. With tickets running $50, you can catch I Can’t See at a reasonable price-point between now and November 3rd!

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