Looking for an action-packed, movie grade quality video game to keep you hooked for hours on end? Well, look no further because Remedy Entertainment’s newest hit title ‘Control‘ is guaranteed to leave you feeling supernaturally gifted while your jaw drops to the floor in awe. Known for their previous successful release – ‘Quantum Break‘, Remedy ups to stakes with tremendously beautiful graphics and stellar third-person gameplay. Assume the role of Jesse Faden – the new director for the FBC (Federal Bureau of Control) – as you attempt to seek out the vilest enemy known as “The Hiss,” which has inhabited and plagued the FBC’s headquarters coined “The Oldest House.” With a service weapon on your side and enough psychic powers to defy the laws of physics and reality, dive deep within the halls of said headquarters and bring back control for your agency. Control is a definite must-own video game and I am certain that you will appreciate each and every element.

One of the iconic aspects of this game is that you are organically placed right in the mix of the storyline as the action is beginning to pick up and the narrative is instantly set upon in your hands. As you play this game, it becomes quickly notice how much time went into the development of the combat system and the superhuman values that Jesse Faden possesses. Lifting objects with your telekinetic powers, levitating above your enemies, and even controlling them with your very own mind makes this game truly enjoyable throughout the whole game. In addition, Control is filled with some very intricate and elaborate puzzles to help progress from room to room. However, in some instances, I did feel as the difficulty was a bit challenging from time to time, but once you grasp the hang of your powers and the best way to employ them, you will be flying through this game. On the downside, this game’s story is not the longest and the gameplay can run quite short. If you could look past that fact, this game is gorgeously crafted and should be praised highly for its release. On the bright side, I had just as much fun as I did when I used to play Destroy All Humans on the PlayStation 2 back in 2005! With similar skills set to enhance the player’s combat, your arsenal feels quite creative and entertaining.

Take full CONTROL of your surroundings at all times!

In addition to the unique gameplay, I believe the cinematic presence of this game is absolutely badass. Exploring the Bureau in a third-person, over the shoulder perspective feels very suspenseful and thrilling. Even though Remedy Entertainment did not have much emphasis centralized around the story of this game, they clearly had a lot of passion put toward the full, motion capture video used entirely throughout this video game. As a result, basic actions and movements feel so genuine and authentic in such a surreal manner. With all of the technological advancements in gaming evolution to date, this is by far one of the strongest examples of what is possible to achieve for the development of a game. With such an incredibly special environment, you – as the gamer – feel completely immersed within this realm from start to finish.

Another point worth mentioning is the rather simple and efficient upgrade system. Although it may seem that your service weapon takes on the form of a pistol, to begin with, further progression and modifications can be added to alter the gun altogether. Even though this skill tree implementation is not deep, it still allows for further interactivity and objectives throughout the game’s primary focus – open-world exploration. With that being said, this game is truly one of a kind and deserves to be played through for the sheer entertainment of chaotic world destruction. If you are interested in this video game, you can currently pick it up on various consoles or wait until its planned August 2020 release for PC on Steam here.

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