A tennis player struggles with the paranoia of a brief encounter.

In solitude, one expects to be alone. However, sometimes the mind can be treacherous and bring us into a state of unsettlement for that feeling of isolation becomes a constant horror of being stalked.

In Glass Cabin (2019), Scarlett (Revell Carpenter) is a tennis player who has decided to rent an isolated house in the forest to possibly concentrate on her training. But for Scarlett’s bad fortune, the place comes with David (David Mar Stefansson), a caretaker who visits her constantly to explain the house’s functions. After the first encounter with David, whose name is pronounced Davith, Scarlett begins to have doubts about his visits. In addition to this, she keeps dialing a number that never answers. All of these create in Scarlett a monomania that puts her to fear for her life during her stay in the house.

Glass Cabin is a short film that puts you on the edge of your seat with an open space atmosphere, suspenseful music that at times seems to replicate the soundtrack of the film “Hereditary”, and two characters with many unknown traits that remain until the end of the story. Despite demonstrating that they’ve had few resources for the production of this short film, what they have done allows the viewer to replicate that mania of being persecuted by someone whose name you only know.

Psychologically, it is possible that Scarlett’s character is a clinical case in the absence of treatment. Personally, she may be worried about the other person who doesn’t answer her calls.

Glass Cabin will get into your head to make a scramble of ideas that will make you question the motives of the characters, and it delivers an open conclusion that will leave you devising theories of other outcomes.


Glass Cabin

Glass Cabin Trailer from Maya Korn on Vimeo.

Runtime:14 Mins.
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