Set forth as you and possibly 1-2 additional players traverse through the swamp infested lands of Louisiana. Joined by your side, your group’s mission is simple – fight off the swarms of vile, hideous monsters lurking about and collect their bounties. Moreover, be prepared to compete against other teams, striving to claim similar bounties in PvE format and never let your guard down while you are forced to face against these other hunters head to head – battle royale PvP style. Although the objectives appear easy, the battle is fierce and the competition remains tough. Hands down, this game has been proving to be more enjoyable with all of the new updates continuously pushed out from Crytek. Are you able to conquer the darkness or will you succumb to the evil that lurks and let your opponents conquer the map?

What initially felt like a clunky upset altogether, has recently had some drastic improvements to ensure high standard quality of gameplay for many gamers to enjoy. Best put, this game feels like a combination of Friday The 13th: The Game – for the objective-based elements, Red Dead Redemption 2 – for the atmospheric presence and gun mechanics, and many other titles that are following the battle royale genre – for PvP and PvE gameplay. In terms of recent updates, some glitches that made the game feel rushed and difficult to enjoy have been addressed and patched over. Furthermore, small adjustments to enhance and simply that UI (user interface) have greatly improved the polished look of the game overall. My one main criticism that still stands to this very day is that I wish there were more maps and / or objectives. The game itself is genuinely fun but can become quite redundant relatively fast. I feel as if some DLC were added to this title, that a lot more players would greatly appreciate this step forward and have no problem in investing in more things to do within the game itself.

However, even though I really enjoyed this game for what it is, there are a couple of things that I surely hope Crytek addresses to enhance gameplay further. First off, I find it really challenging to have an online co-op, multiplayer game that lacks a definitive form of voice chat and team communication. Considering that this game focuses on the perma-death mechanic, I ran into several instances where my teammates were unable to alert me of my upcoming death, which resulted to end game for me. Another factor that was a little off-putting for me was the amount of grinding that one would have to do in this particular game to earn enough money for unlockable weapons. It just seems like a various tedious process for only a couple maps and the same repetitive gameplay each match in and out. If you can put these slight cons aside, this game could be very adrenaline rushing and exciting once progress is made throughout.

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