What’s the Halloween season without some contact with the other side?

This year, one of the best escape room companies in Orange County (and, quite honestly, the world) is breaking form a bit with a brand-new immersive experience called THE SÉANCE. Written and directed by Madison Rhoades, one of the masterminds behind Cross Roads Escape Games, THE SÉANCE allows eight guests to summon the dead with Madam Ruby as they take part of her ritual. But, who or what will be waiting for you on the other side? Based on her name, we really want it to be Pee-wee Herman’s bicycle, but something tells me it will be a lot more nefarious than that…

The show is an hour-long performance with frightening interactive elements, including live actors and special effects. This is not a passive experience, as you will need to interact with things around you, both living and dead.

Despite coming from Cross Roads Escape Games, THE SÉANCE is NOT an escape room, so don’t go in thinking you need to summon the dead in an hour or less. The Rhoades have an immense background in theater, so they are going back to their roots a bit with this unique experience. I know they have been working hard at it for some time, so I am excited to see it come to fruition!

Tickets range from $45-$60 per person, and you must be over the age of 16 to attend. Shows will run October 2nd– November 3rd, Wednesday-Sunday until midnight.

For more information, and to purchase your tickets, visit them online at: www.CrossRoadsEscapeGames.com/the-seance/

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