We were first introduced to AMC’s NOS4A2 at WonderCon earlier this year. It certainly piqued the interest of those of us who delightfully delve into the dark and supernatural. On a busy Saturday at San Diego Comic Con2019 Executive Producer Jami O’Brien along with author and Executive Producer Joe Hill joined co-stars Zachary Quinto and Ashleigh Cummings to give a little update on this new series.

Currently NOS4A2 is past midway in the season and although the series may have had slow start, it has ramped up the drama and the pace has quickened.  At first glance, the story seemed choppy but has smoothed out immensely. As we have progressed through the series, the dynamics of our main characters have continued to add depth to the show.

We have been pulled into the life of Vic McQueen (Cummings) as she discovers her supernatural powers while dealing with the trials of coming of age in a small town that she desperately wants to leave behind.

Viewers, if they have stuck around long enough, have been treated to a chilling Charlie Manx (Quinto). Manx is not the first one on my list to call if I need a babysitter. The twists and turns of Charlie leave me with more questions every Sunday night. I have really enjoyed the last three episodes which gave us more insight to these special abilities of “Strong Creatives.” When asked, both O’Brien and Hill shared that there will indeed be more Strong Creatives introduced this season.

In between the two main characters we are treated to a spectacular performance by newcomer Jahkara Smith along with some terrifying children.

Filled with terrific special effects, outstanding transformation scenes and a possessed classic Rolls Royce Wraith NOS4A2 has been a feast for horror fans.

The entire panel were in agreement that Christmasland was everything they expected, right down to shooting in the bitter, below zero cold. So cold that the actors had difficulties articulating their mouths and digits while filming.

With only a few episodes remaining, we got word that NOS4A2 has indeed been picked up for a 2nd season. Great news for those of us who want to see more Christmasland and hopefully more devious deeds from Charlie Manx.

About the Author: Erin Jefferson

Erin Jefferson-Foley (Mommy Fearest) is terrified of scary movies, gore and zombies. But she loves all things Halloween and Haunt related! Slowly but surely she has been dipping her toes into the realm of horror movies with great results. Pretty soon she will work her way up to watching a scary movie when it is dark outside. Erin has had a love affair with theme park Halloween events for the past 20 years. Her first time at an event was at Knott's Scary Farm in the late 80s when a family friend, a Knott's employee, escorted her into the park to watch Elvira and give her a behind the scenes tour. She was intrigued as she walked through the break room and realized that they were just people in masks and makeup. It seemed like only a short time later, Erin was performing for Halloween Haunt which led to her meeting the love of her life, her husband. Each year she cheers on her husband and his friends as they set up and run a home haunt. You can catch her helping with line control and repeating the same instructions over and over and over to the guests each night. She has been a professional dancer and actress for over 20 years. When she is not in the studio teaching dance or in her office writing, you can catch Mommy Fearest with her husband and two kids at various conventions throughout California. She enjoys Cosplay, Star Wars, Renaissance Faires, Halloween, haunted attractions, paranormal happenings, special effects makeup and horrible reality television shows.
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