The label The Arcade Crew and Brazilian independent studio JoyMasher are on the front line to save humanity from a delusional artificial intelligence! Blazing Chrome is furious and stripping action in sidescrolling playable up to two in cooperation. It is also a tribute to the legends of the genre that made the heyday of arcades and shiny coiners of the time. Blazing Chrome will be available on July 11 on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The Arcade Crew has split a trailer that smells the end of the 80’s to the glory of the human revolt led by an iron fist by Marva, imperturbable warrior as dangerous as a class and his sidekick Doyle, a military robot whose scruples pushed him to change sides.

A destructive arsenal and varied, mechs and violent vehicles to drive, bionic ninjas to unlock: everything is good to undermine the enemy cans controlled by an unfriendly AI. The arcade feeling is total. As respectful of its heritage as anxious to modernize its attire, JoyMasher has striven to make the Blazing Chrome run & gun mechanics as accessible as they are enjoyable and demanding. It’s like going back on his hoverbike that we had left at the garage for too long.

The world is under the machine’s domination, putting the few humans alive on the edge of total extermination. Bring your best pal and kick some metal butts to free the humankind while enjoying a classic run’n’gun, fully loaded with action and exciting fights. Between Contra and Metal Slug, Blazing Chrome is made by and for arcade and action fans.

Blazing Chrome is developed by JoyMasher, a Brazilian studio making good old games for modern players such as Oniken and Odallus since 2012.

Two players
Realistic 16-bits post-apocalyptic environments
Classic fast-paced run-and-gun game
Epic boss fights
And more to come……

About the Author: Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen was born and raised in the south bay (SoCal). At age 5 he was taken to the theater to see Halloween 2. Since that time he hasn’t been able to bite into an apple because of the fear of chomping down into a razor blade. At age 12 he went to his first haunt (Knotts Scary Farm) and only has missed a handful of years since then. Ethan has an unhealthy obsession with Elvira, 80’s slashers, and universal monsters which is borderline creepy.
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