Jesus Christ Vampire: the title says it all

The title really does say it all

Kung-Fu Action / Comedy / Horror / Musical about the second coming.

So Jesus (Phil Caracas) comes back and is immediately beset by vampires and atheists. He befriends a punk priest (Glen Jones), Mary Magnum (Maria Moulton), a luchador named Santos (Jeff Moffet), and fights to thwart the vampires’ evil scheme to deplete Canada of Lesbians.  On the way he sings, dances, heals, and pierces his ears.

You know, the usual.

JCVH knows exactly what it is.

Have you ever seen something and said, “My God, that looks like fun, I wish I was part of the group of friends that made that!” I felt that way about Forbidden Zone, and I feel this way about JCVH.

It is also a great entry in the “Let’s show the weirdest thing I can think of to my friends” game. I used to play and I usually won, starting with Eraserhead and continuing with JCVH when I decided to keep it light. Keep it light.

Phil Caracas does a surprising job of starring in this religious kung fu musical. The eternal brawl with the atheist thugs is hilarious physical comedy as well as some honestly impressive stunts. Add to that the truly creative ways the vampires get staked (a cocktail toothpick flicked across the room is my favorite), the interesting characters and the seriousness the actors show in their roles makes this a great film, humorous without mugging to the audience. It is non-guilty fun.

(By the way, I’ll give you this one for free: if you ever run across a movie called Mulva, Zombie Ass-Kicker, and think to yourself, “Wow, that sounds so terrible it might be fun, just like Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter!” …it is not. )

Father Alban reads the paper. There’s a lesbian shortage. And vampires.

Caution: the closing credits song “Everybody Gets Laid Tonight” will get stuck in your head.

About the Author: Scix Maddix

Scix lived through the 80s but doesn't remember much of the 70s. Horror writer, improv actor and haunted house monster trainer and designer, Scix also likes to emcee underground burlesque and vaudeville shows in Salt Lake City.
Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter

GHOST LIGHT TRAILER from John Stimpson on Vimeo.

Runtime: 1 hr. 25 mins
Directed By:
Lee Demarbre
Written By:
Ian Driscoll