As you awake upon a ship, you soon discover that you are playing as an actor within a five-act play through various sets and scenes. From mind-boggling hallucinations, frustratingly challenging chase sequences, and lots of scattered trinkets uncover the hidden secrets that compose this beautifully crafted split narrative. Follow in the steps of two siblings playing out their vivid pirate adventure, learn about the occupants of the ship you are now aboard, and uncover the sole purpose as to why you are the main star of this whole production. With a total of three alternative endings, the repeatability factor on this game is tremendously enjoyable and well worth it for the price!

Layers Of Fear 2 was released by Gun Media on May 28th to the Steam platform. From the get-go, I was thrilled to get the opportunity fo experiencing this game after playing its predecessor. As a result, I found that this attempt at the game itself was much more ambitious and it paid off quite well. Similar to the first title in this series, Layers Of Fear 2 follows a progressing structure that could be seen in both games. However, I felt as if this time around, it was more fluid and blended nicely with the overlying arcs of each branding narrative.

If you are a sucker for atmospheric experiences, then you will definitely fall in love with this game. As immersed as you feel in the given moment, don’t fall foolish to the constant alternations that occur throughout each and every scene. One moment, you could be walking down a never-ending hallway. Once you turn around, don’t be surprised to follow a completely different path (then what was originally sought after), in a completely new environment. However, kudos to the craftsmanship of these illusionary rooms because they blend so elegantly. Although the jump scares were minimal, I felt rather disturbed once I was commonly coming face to face with several mannequins. As funny as it seems, you would not quite expect something so simple to come across as frightening as it does throughout this specific game.

After two additional attempts, I finally got to experience all three endings. From my initial playthrough, I got stuck with the worst ending possible (of course), but surprisingly, I wasn’t terribly upset about it. Even though it did rattle my brain tenfold and I was completely blindsided by the direction of the narrative that I took as a whole. All in all, each of the three endings respectfully deserves high praise for their addition to the game and the purposes that they serve to expand upon a flourishing story. If you end up playing this game and the only real thought that tends to cross your mind every 5 minutes is: “what the actual f#$% did I just get myself into?!,” then you know that Gun Media surely nailed their job with this development!

If you are interested in experiencing this game for yourself and/or staining your brand new pants brown, then be my guest and click on the following link: HERE to purchase your copy of Layers Of Fear 2 at ONLY $30!

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