In every horror game, there are always terrifying enemies. Some of these enemies are ones that you come across countless times over a variety of titles. In this Top 5, we will go over some of the basic enemy types that are the main staple to most horror games.

5 – Dogs/Wolves
It is very common to find these guys in horror games. Why? Since their AIs are vastly unpredictable, they can easily be applied to most situations/environments. Cute and cuddly little Fido can be morphed into your worst nightmare with little to no effort. Simply put, these guys can be quite annoying, creating more difficulty in surviving.

4 – Spiders
Already feared by most, these guys are a difficult target to hit, and easily hidden. It’s no wonder that spiders are another common find in horror games. Even if you’re not typically afraid of them, in horror games they really up the scare factor to making these little (sometimes giant) guys phobia-inflicting.

3 – Demons
Who in their right mind wouldn’t be terrified by demons? Something mostly unseen and other-worldly, demons can take pretty much any form and work for just about any story. They can be taken from already existing fables or be made from something entirely new. They work with fantasy and “real-world” scenarios. Demons are created from something we already fear the most; our minds. Thus the endless amount of possibilities and fear factor make this enemy quite the popular one.

2 – Mutants
Any ordinary organism can be transformed into something highly disturbing just by adding a few extra features. Of course, more than just a few extra features is typically added to these ghastly mutants. As with the others, mutants have limitless possibilities regarding looks and story.

1 – Zombies
Oh, the extensively popular and beloved zombie. These flesh loving, devoid of life guys are found everywhere, even outside of horror games. No matter if your love for them is a bit much (like Tina from the show Bob’s Burgers) or the very name makes you tinkle yourself a bit, zombies are loved by all. They promote great stories, and can surprisingly can come in different varieties. They are horror icons that inflicts fear into all. Not only can they kill you with ease but it is insanely easy to become one yourself. They put into perspective how frail life is and how easily everything can fall apart in just moments. They also force us to question our values and morals which has us shaking in our boots even in normal circumstances. This is why zombies take the #1 spot and have spread across so many different games, just like the virus that creates them.

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