Max Brooks’s amazing novel World War Z was made into a mediocre film back in 2013. As audience members watched this film, someone must have thought: “Hey this would be a cool video game!” And now, 6 years later, the game has been released with no real demand for it. With that said, did we find a real diamond in the rough with World War Z?

In World War Z, you play as four different survivors, each from a different location, trying to fight for survival. At first glance, you may realize this game takes a lot of inspiration from the hit video game series Left 4 Dead. It’s been some time since those games, though, so it’s about time we got a new co-op zombie shooter!

World War Z is a co-op, third-person shooter in which four friends (Unknowns or Bots), fight against massive hordes of zombies in four locations: Moscow, New York, Jerusalem, and Tokyo. You can choose from six classes, including Gunslinger, Hellraiser, Fixer, Medic, Slasher, and Exterminator.

New perks and weapons can be unlocked for each of the classes as players progress in the game. The game can support up to 1,000 enemies, appearing on-screen simultaneously, and they can climb onto each other to reach players on a higher level.

In addition to fighting zombies, players also need to complete different objectives such as escorting survivors. What’s also included are five competitive multiplayer modes. The Player vs Player vs Zombie mode pits two teams of players against each other while the zombie hordes attack both teams. Other modes include Swarm Deathmatch, Swarm Domination, and King of the Hill.

The amount of zombies on screen is amazing. At first, you only see a few, but then out of nowhere, thousands of them swarm your group! The RPG element of upgrading your favorite class and weapons keeps you playing for that next upgrade. Gaming with random players has been the most fun. You all have a common goal and it has been a delight since it’s hard to find great team players in other games!

If you don’t have friends or don’t want to play online, you have bots, and they always end up being a nuisance. You end up having to do everything while they watch and start a horde fight when you are trying to prepare for a boss fight!

The game was quite glitchy after my 40-hour play through. I have experienced no advancement, random pop-up zombies, freezes, and game-breaking glitches. The story isn’t going to win anyone over, but I feel that, thanks to the source material which it is loosely based on, this game takes itself way too seriously.

I really liked World War Z even with its shortcomings, from the thrill of the zombie swarms to actually making random friends online. This is gonna be a classic in the co-op community! Hopefully they can fix all of the issues and glitches soon to make this game more enjoyable and up to par to what Left 4 Dead has done for the Co-Op community.

We give it 3.5 out of 5

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