The dead returned from their eternal slumber in downtown Santa Ana on the evening of Friday, April 19, when Horror Buzz’s Horror Movie Night at the Frida Cinema screened a double feature of the resurrection-based cult classics: Re-Animator and Bride of Re-Animator.

Guests in attendance were able to grab food, drinks, and the evening’s specialty cocktail, Herbert West’s Reagent Serum before they were to assist Dan Cain and Herbert West with their re-animating proclivities.

Prior to the experiment, guests were not only treated to a preshow—where the third part (of 12) of the secret preshow bonus film played—but also an Easter Egg Hunt.

This was followed by the pre-screening giveaway, where Horror Buzz founder Norm Gidney handed out prizes and awarded the customary Pumpkin Prize Pack to the person who found the Golden Egg during the Easter Egg Hunt.

After the preceding short film, The Barber’s Cut (written and directed by Mark Brocking), the audience witnessed the resurrection-based shenanigans of Re-Animator, which was followed by a ten-minute intermission, before they watched Dan and Herbert build a better girlfriend in Bride of Re-Animator.

Next month, Horror Buzz and the Frida Cinema’s Horror Movie Night will continue by aiding two priests as they exorcize a demon from a young girl during a screening of the horror classic The Exorcist on Friday, May 17.