Do you have a thirst for blood and a heart for gambling? Get ready for this upcoming vampire film that is sure to leave you jaw-dropped. Blood From Stone is a Neo-Western styled film written and directed by Geoff Ryan along with the help of Indie Rights studio.

Synopsis: Set in a glittering Nevada casino town, two old world vampires take on a new life amongst the tourists and degenerates. As the bodies pile up, suspicions of the local authorities draw in on them forcing a confrontation of family loyalty and a clash of new eras versus old.

Personally, I feel like what will truly drive this film is the performance displayed by Vanja Kapetanovic. Kapetanovic assumes his role and completes his character incredibly. Even though there were only a few shots showcasing his parts in the film, I am dying to see the full feature with his involvement as a whole.

Although no official date has been released yet, it is
expected that, Blood From Stone will come out late 2019.

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