Workbench Entertainment’s indie title, WOUNDED, is another horror title for the PC market. What makes this one so different, you ask? Well, it’s because this indie title was made of a budget of an astounding zero dollars! Workbench Entertainment set out to create a great horror title with nothing but the passion in their hearts. After several years of alpha and beta builds, did their passion payout or is it just a wounded title?

In WOUNDED you play as Tim, an estranged father desperately trying to find his lost daughter, Lisa. His journey is tough and challenging, through places filled with paranoia and anxiety. Wounded is an atmospheric indie horror that doesn’t rely on many jumps scares. Throughout the game, you have multiple ways this game will change for you.

For an indie title with no budget, you can see the love that was put into this title. The environmental audio is creepy and unique. But the longer you play, the more you realize how long will this game last.

Sadly however, there were only a couple of good things notable about this game. The environment was genuinely creepy and had me admiring the details when fear was close by. Also, the audio cues were top notch bringing terror and awareness to 11.

The story is very lackluster, though, and doesn’t give you a reason to keep going or care to find your daughter. The A.I. on the enemies can be cheap at best. When a creature is chasing you down, it sometimes stops like you just vanished. Or, when the creature automatically appears and proceeds to kills you, the level of enjoyment completely drops.

Controls are terrible no matter what you use to play it, keyboard or controller. The main thing is that WOUNDED is broken and seems to be a beta test rather than a full game.

With all that said, this indie development team has a lot of promise. If it took several years of alpha and beta testing to get where they are now, maybe it needs a couple more to heal this wounded title.

We give it a 2 out of 5.

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