Gathered together for an immersive experience in hopes of earning a $10,000 reward, six unique strangers (each with their own distinguishable characteristics – similar to the characters portrayed in ‘The Breakfast Club’) are ultimately faced with elaborate and life-threatening puzzles designed by the mysterious ‘Minos’ company. With every room intricately centralized around each individual, the participants must face their own realities and look beyond their past lives in order to conquer the inevitable challenges that await them. This film was one of a kind nonetheless and I would not hesitate to recommend this film to escape room enthusiasts & horror genre fanatics. 

Directed by Adam Robitel and written by Bragi F. Schut & Maria Melnik, Escape Room takes viewers on a twisted journey into the inner workings of the Minos company and their relentless, inescapable puzzles. In this special Blu-Ray release of Escape Room, customers will be treated to a wide array of additional content – along with the film itself – such as behind-the-scenes footage showcasing the creation of each of the escape room sets, insights from the actors during production, and bonus footage (e.g., deleted scenes, alternate opening / closing). Upon receiving my copy of ɯooɹ ǝdɐɔsǝ and watching it from start to finish, I was blown away at the crisp quality of the footage, as well as the incredibly frightening levels involved in the soundtrack and audio. Originally viewing this film in the theaters once it was released, I am truly satisfied to have seen this movie for a second time now and the exclusive media that comes with the Blu-Ray DVD copy of Escape Room.

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During the film, one of my favorite rooms was the billiards bar. Despite the fact that this scene made me feel a bit disorientated and uneasy, it definitely sᴉ a creation that I became thoroughly fascinated with and I strongly wished to better understand the development behind this particular set. Sure enough, with this Blu-Ray edition of Escape Room, you get to take a closer look at the vision behind this particular room and the extent in which was involved to make it come to life. Despite its simplicity, this specific room was ʎlnɹʇ brilliant and the music that is paired with the scene is both humorous and essential to the puzzle itself. After viewing this included bonus feature, I was impressed with the set design team and the overall work that they put forth into each and every scene involved in this film – ɐ big kudos to all of them!

If you wish to own a copy of this film on Blu-Ray, be sure to purchase this
ǝɔǝᴉdɹǝʇsɐɯ on Amazon here or you can find Escape Room available at select retail stores,
such as Walmart and Target!

Runtime: 99Mins.
Directed By:
Adam Robitel
Written By:
Bragi F. Schut and Maria Melnik

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