There are countless games out there that are meant to puzzle the mind. There are also plenty that involve a group of friends, or involve the supernatural and spells. In Madorica Real Estate, all three are combined into one hauntingly fun, brain-crunching game. This game was reviewed on the PC, so if you plan on playing on a different platform, your experience may slightly differ.

In the game, you play as a real estate agent who specializes in exorcising ghosts. It is your duty to prepare houses before they sell by clearing them of their unwelcome guests. In order to do this, you must navigate through each house solving puzzles to learn spells that guide you to your ultimate goal: finding the ghost and exorcising it. This game can be played on your own for a more intimate and difficult challenge, or you can include your friends.

This game is definitely fun, especially if you have a friend or two to help you out, because playing on your own is quite challenging. But those who are more adept to challenging puzzles will most likely enjoy playing by themselves. For the rest of us, having someone help with different creative perspectives is going to make the experience more fun and possible to conquer.

The controls also had their own uniqueness. At first, it can be a little trying to get used to them while also trying to solve puzzles. In order to cast a spell, you must have the character close their eyes by holding down a key on the keyboard (causing the game screen to go black). Then, from memory, you must type out the spell. So, not only are your puzzle solving skills being challenged but so is your memory.

The only way to maneuver between rooms is to use the spells. There are also some special spells that do different things. If you’re not too sure that you’ll remember a spell, it would be best to have something handy to jot them down. When you finally reach the ghost, you have to make sure you are facing its direction, then proceed to cast the spell, which will eradicate the spirit.

The puzzles range in difficulty, challenging your perspective and problem-solving abilities. Some can be worked out in your head, but there are those that definitely need some pen and paper. It is also encouraged to have a copy of the blueprint for the house. It reveals clues and helps you navigate. I found this to be unique and adds more flair to solving the puzzles you are presented with. You start to feel like an honest detective!

Though at times, the puzzles can feel too challenging and impossible to figure out. This could be seen as a bad thing, but this a game of puzzles. It’s supposed to puzzle you and challenge you, sometimes to the point of wanting to give up. But this is where different perspectives would help in this trying situation.

One more item that I found intriguing about this mind building game are the spells themselves. In places where spells are to be found (such as a book, movie or game) they are in a made-up language. In Madorica Real Estate, these spells are actual words in different languages. After unlocking a spell and casting it for the first time, it tells you what the word means and what language it is from. I found this to be very fascinating yet a little on the creepy side also.

All in all, Madorica Real Estate is unique and puzzling with a hint of spooky. It challenges and builds different aspects of your brain with fun creative twists. The only drawback is the puzzles can be a little too challenging and sometimes more confusing than they should be. But this doesn’t happen too often and if you got a “best bud” alongside you, your efforts should prevail. It’s a great group activity or if you have the brains, a highly challenging solo endeavor.

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