Revenge of the Slasher is a short film written and directed by Julian Hoffman that can best be described as hilarious, romantic, and slashtastic. The film opens overlooking the beautiful little town of Autumn Hill with a narrator taking you back to days of yore with a fine cup of Joe in the morn and fresh lager at night. Take a scenic jaunt in the picturesque woods and hopefully, you are a virgin and can survive what waits. When you visit Autumn Hill you won’t want to leave or won’t be able, as you have been hacked to death.

Catherine Brown stars as the doe-eyed virgin walking through the woods not in a state of panic as she steps over bodies, in various states of rigor, calling out her boyfriend’s name. Her call rallies the Autumn Killer and he finds he has her cornered. Based on her virtue and her ability to speak softly and carry a big stick she discovers that she possesses the killer’s kryptonite.

Two days pass and Virgin is hanging out with a new man contemplating her survival. Armed with booze, ‘shrooms, and a new attitude, the Virgin sets sail for adventure and debauchery, set to debunk the myth that only bad girls die young.

We get a snapshot into the Autumn Killer’s home life. Faced with inadequacies perpetuated by his wife that he doesn’t have as many kills as his rival Face Melter, he sheepishly leaves his residence Hell bent on showing her that heads are gonna roll or at least he hopes they do.

Revenge is sweet, but that will have to wait, as a killer competition will begin with both murder men training and building their stamina to bring home the bacon or at least the fresh meat. Both killers pursue virginal and not so virginal teens through the little town of Autumn Hill. Who will win the Battle for Blood? Will the doe-eyed virgin survive? You’ll have to watch, laugh, and see.

Don’t expect a high budget short film with scary masks and Oscar-worthy actors. Do expect some belly laughs, playful entendres, and some slash and dash throughout. Once you get past the paper mache’ and dripping latex masks of both killers you will thoroughly enjoy the creativity that Julian Hoffman brings to the little short screen.

REVENGE OF THE SLASHER is available to stream on Amazon prime in Canada/US/UK

Revenge of the Slasher
Runtime: 23 Mins.
Directed By:
Jullian Hoffman
Written By:
Jullian Hoffman

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