The master magician Houdini had some pretty amazing tricks. There is good reason why his legacy is pretty much timeless, and his feats still astound folks today. So, when you get invited to be part of Houdini’s Academy, of course, you’re likely going to jump on it. And thus begins the newest room from 60Out, LA’s premiere escape room venues. We’ve been to quite a number of their rooms in the last few years, and quite honestly, they just keep getting better and better.

Houdini was no different, as after the game, we all agreed it was the best 60Out room we had done (and that is high praise, especially after their Dracula room!).

The game begins with a slight twist; though your team is together, you are locked up in a variety of ways, much like Houdini. Once escaping your confines, it’s up to you to prove yourself to the master magician, and figure out some of his greatest tricks in order to pass his test.

This room was surprising in a number of ways, not only for its ingenuity of puzzles, but also because it threw a lot of the traditional rules of escape rooms out the window. You know that rule “do not apply excessive force?” Forget it. How about “Don’t climb on things?” Pay no attention to that one, either.

Seriously, there are plenty of “wow” moments here, and the way Houdini’s most famous tricks are incorporated is really stunning. Everything from the water chamber to the “swords in the box” and more, you will feel like a grand illusionist yourself when you figure it all out.

Houdini does a masterful job of turning a traditional escape room on its head, and forcing you into thinking about things in a new way. There were a few times where we thought the solution to a puzzle couldn’t possibly be the thing we thought it was, until we tried it, and viola, it was! The puzzles are incredibly well-thought out, and really flow nicely into each other, making sure everyone on your team feels accomplished in some way. Houdini really kept us on our toes through the entire process, and it was only through teamwork that we were able to escape.

The aesthetic and design of the room was also top notch, as per usual for 60Out. It truly felt like the late 1800s/early 1900s in the room, from the types of mechanisms to the decor. 60Out’s ability to take something new and modern and design it so it fits in with the rest of the decor of a room is pretty impressive.

If you’re looking for something a little different in your escape room, I highly recommend Houdini. Again, it definitely became our favorite of the 60Out rooms, and I’ve been raving about it to people all weekend.

For more on Houdini, and to read about ALL of the incredible 60Out rooms, visit them online at Be sure to tell them HorrorBuzz sent you!

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