In any medium of entertainment, anything can turn out badly, and yes, that even includes video games! We spend our hard earned money on these games to sometimes end up with a box of broken dreams of what could have been. Here are what I consider to be the Top 5 Worst Horror Movie Tie-Ins!

5 – Friday the 13th
Making horror games back on the NES was almost impossible, but the great folks at Atlus said “Nah, we have the technology to bring Jason to life!” And thus, it became an unfortunate reality. Instead of the terrifying killing machine, we got a pastel-colored game with a bright purple and blue Jason. Not only were our eyes offended with the visuals but gameplay was really shallow and told us nothing on how to play or beat Jason.

4 – Aliens: Colonial Marines
Alien is a great sci-fi horror series, so how could you possibly mess that up?! Well for starters, make the Xenomorph’s AI so idiotic that they just run past you. Throw in some bugs so the Alien freezes in mid-air, and you’d get a game that is completely broken and unplayable to this day.

3 – The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct
Ever since The Walking Dead became a juggernaut of a show, everyone has been trying to cash in on the property. But in doing so we get games like this. This game is devoid of any depth that the show has and the zombies are so dumb that you think they might be vegetarians.

2 – Saw 2: Flesh and Blood
The Saw franchise has been a strong contender for one of the best horror series out there, so it was inevitable for a game tie-in to happen. However, the game is a watered down version of the horror series, where you slog through the events of the story until you hit a quick time event and remember that you are playing a game.

1 – Ju-on The Grudge Wii
If you followed my articles when I started my top lists, I mention this abomination, so I will keep this short. Ju-on The Grudge is a terrible haunted house simulator. Everything is bad and there is no redeeming quality to this game at all. It should be buried next to the E.T. game in New Mexico!

With that said, what do you consider the worst tie-in horror game?!

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