Legion M is excited to announce their first-ever comic book “Girl With No Name.” The comic, derived from the Slamdance award-winning screenplay of the same name currently in development with Legion M and Co-Op Entertainment, serves a couple purposes. First and foremost, it’s a way to build traction and grassroots support for the property that can help them package and sell the film. By bringing the Legion M community to bear (and introducing Girl With No Name to an entire new community on Kickstarter), they hope to demonstrate that there is a demand for an original story like this particular one. The more traction that Legion M receives, the easier it will be to get the attention of the talent, agencies, studios, etc. that can ultimately bring this franchise to the big screen.

In addition, the company believes that comics are an EXCELLENT way to develop a film—particularly one as heavily stylized (think 300, Kingsmen, or even Sin City) as director Tanya Wexler’s vision for Girl With No Name. There’s no better medium to experiment with visual storytelling than comics, and there’s no better way to do that than by involving the community in the process!

Check out the Kickstarter for Legion M’s upcoming project here and be sure to look at all of their
pre-sale packages!

PS – Good things come in threes — be on the lookout for another announcement this afternoon about Field Guide to Evil meetups, and yet another coming soon about Legion M’s BIGGEST PROJECT YET. Onward and Upward! -The Legion M Team

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